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Joshua J. Schroeder

Author.  Lawyer.  Scholar.

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About Joshua J. Schroeder

Joshua J. Schroeder ("Josh") is a legal scholar and author that founded SchroederLaw, a social justice centered law firm in Oakland, California that went fully virtual in 2024.  SchroederLaw is dedicated to constitutional law, intellectual property, and immigration law.  Prior to opening the doors of his legal practice, Josh spent several years researching and publishing law review articles, some long enough to be considered treatises.  He also wrote an unpublished book manuscript entitled An Appeal to Heaven: Restoring the Ideals of the American Revolution for our Children's Children

Josh is an iconoclast and idealist.  He enjoys pillorying the sacred cows of American society, but only in order to defend and preserve God-given human rights as given in the Declaration of Independence for future generations.  He also considers much of his work an ongoing practice of historical restoration, rather than historical revisionism. 

His writing threshes over old, lost ideas to separate them from useless chaff.  He spent over a decade sifting through difficult legal texts in order to refine several lines of law, once thought lost to history.  Josh provides his readers with useful legal strategies so that they might prevail over several challenges that face American society today, especially ones that appear insurmountable.

Josh is at home in the wreckage of Western society.  He comfortably points us to the causes of looming crises in American law with clarity.  And yet, his readers will always find a song of hope preserved and extended in the tradition of the elegiac poetry of Phillis Wheatley.  As the founding poetess taught, death is a great foe and conqueror of humankind, but he teaches us plenty and will not, in the end, prevail.

Links to Josh's legal scholarship are available at his law firm's webpage here.  If you are a book agent, member of the press, fellow writer, interested reader, or soon to be friend please email Josh with the phrase "Literary Contact" in the header.  He looks forward to collaborating with you and working with you on future projects.  Thank you for your interest!


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An Appeal to Heaven: Restoring the Ideals of the American Revolution for our Children's Children


Something like Octavio Paz's Labyrinth of Solitude for the United States, this book is the first to poetically expound the ideals of the American Revolution.  


Look out for it on book store bookshelves soon!

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