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SchroederLaw Goes Virtual

After several years physically based in Oakland, California, SchroederLaw is going virtual. Our same dynamic services will still be available throughout California and beyond, including in Oakland and the Bay Area. If you are one of our current, former, or future clients, thank you for sharing some of your journey with us. We look forward to continuing our legal representation through the cloud.

As SchroederLaw's owner and founder I am increasingly on the road providing legal representation among other things. For example, please check out my participation in the multi-disciplinary symposium Advocating for Children in Migration at the University of Colorado, Anschustz last year:

It is an auspicious time to transition SchroederLaw's practice permanently to the virtual space. While SchroederLaw will always feel rooted in Oakland where everything began, it is time for SchroederLaw to keep growing in its signature legal dynamism. Thank you for understanding, for your patience, and for your continued support and kind wishes as we make our ultimate transition into the virtual space.

-- Joshua J. Schroeder, Owner and Founder of SchroederLaw


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